Picking a Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program

If you have ever wanted to go to business school, now’s your chance. Many analysts believe that one of the best ways to wait out a recession is to go back to school. Graduate school can be a safe place. You can go to school on scholarships, paying almost nothing, keep your job, while at the same time sharpening your skills for the rocky future marketplace. One of the most popular types of degree to go back for is a Masters of Business Administration, or an MBA.

MBA’s are a great type of degree to sharpen all the tools in your tool bag. MBA programs vary and can fit your needs, whatever they may be. If you decided that you want a new profession and can afford to leave your work, you may want to choose an MBA program for full time students; if you need to keep your job a part time program may be better suited for your lifestyle.

Full time programs are usually structured as one or two year programs. If you have a lot of business experience already, a one year program is probably a better option, if you do not; the two year program is probably a better bet. Most employers hire from the two year programs as a rule, so if you are looking for a new job, this might be something you want to take into consideration.

If this is not the kind of program you want, then a part-time MBA program might be better. Although many campuses have part-time programs, they mostly meet in the evenings and weekend hours, thus leaving you time for family and work. However, there are also online business schools that may be more convenient. These programs are offered at a “self-pace” letting you keep your life the way it is, and sneaking your school in around it.

Along with part-time and full-time positions, there are also three different types of MBA programs. They are:

· Tradition MBA degrees-they are the most well rounded of all programs. They include courses in accounting, management, marketing, and business strategy.

· Focus Area MBA degrees-this combines the traditional MBA plus it allows you to pick an area that you wish to focus on, to better match your needs.

· Executive MBA degree-this type of program is designed for those who have a lot of business experience, and want to move up higher in the business that you are already a part of. This type of program prepares you for executive positions in the business world.

If you want to pursue a business degree, there are many options to fit your needs during this economic recession that now faces us.

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