Becoming a Million Dollar Master of Business Relationships

“What kind of world would it be if everyone in it were just like me?” This is a question posed by Brian Tracy in his book Million Dollar Habits. I was looking through it and found his chapter on how relationships are important to becoming a millionaire. I don’t know if aspire to become a millionaire, but you are probably at least intrigued by that possibility.

I started thinking about this most important aspect of running a service business and came up with a whole list of great tips, but here are the Top Three.

Practice the Platinum Rule

You thought I meant the Golden Rule, “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” I’m asking you to go a step further with the Platinum Rule which is at the heart of great relationships: Treat others the way THEY want to be treated. This means being able to walk in the other guys shoes.

Look at the world from their point of view. To do this, you need to ask questions and listen to the answers you get. When dealing with a client, ask how they like your service.

My chiropractor just sent me an online survey to rate his practice. This is a great idea. Over all, I think his service is great, and now he will know that at least one of his patients would like more flexible hours and better parking. He’s on his way to not just giving great service, but outstanding service. He is practicing the Platinum Rule.

Be Grateful

This is one of the action parts of the Law of Attraction. Recently I gave a motivational talk to a group of independent consultants for a skin care company. My talk was geared to help them dream of an ideal life and set goals to start on the path to achieving that dream.

One of the consultants pointed out that she had parts of that dream already in her life and that she was grateful for those who had helped her get there.

Expressing gratitude to those you work with and to your clients is so very important for setting up a climate for even better relationships and prosperity in your business. Be on constant lookout for how people are helping you and then let them know in specific terms what that help meant to you.

Here’s an example: ” When you gave me that referral, it was just the boost I needed to put me on track for my goal this month and gave me incentive to do a better job for you. I want to thank you.” This kind of feedback is specific and let’s the receiver know what his or her relationship really means to you.

Set Everyone Free

This is all about giving up blame…for everyone, for everything.

I know, I know. They done you wrong. So write one of those country western songs, make a million dollars and get over it! Seriously, hanging onto the miserable feelings you have of anger, victimization, toward others not only prevents you from having a good relationship with the wrongdoer, but poisons your whole outlook on just about everybody.

Listen to your everyday conversations. Are you griping about how someone in your business world didn’t treat you right. Do you think the listener, by hearing this tale of woe, respects you more or less as a business person?

Deal with the situation, decide if you want to continue to do business with them and then forgive them and set them free. Setting them free means you don’t talk about them, agonize over them in your spare time, or blame yourself for not handling it better, because the most important person to set free in business is YOURSELF!!

Bottom Line: master even one of these top three relationship tips, you will be miles ahead in becoming a master at business relationships and on your way to making that million (if that is your goal) in your business.